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WNW Egypt for Trading

WNW Egypt for Trading, Import, Export and Customs Clearance


Customs clearance...sea freight
Air freight.......Import.....and export on behalf of others
  • We compete in the logistic services to always be at the forefront. Our main activity is customs clearance (Import - export - transit general goods - chemicals - textile cars - motorcycles - heavy transport - loaders and tractors - food telescopes and personal belongings) in all ports and airports of the republic where we provide all solutions and consultations Customs duties through a specialized and experienced team.

  • WNW Egypt for Trading has all the ingredients that made it one of the leading customs clearance companies in Alexandria, that working in all sea, air and land ports at competitive prices, distinguished service and permanent consultations.

more than twenty

years of experience:

WNW Egypt

WNW Egypt was established in 2001, with more than twenty years of experience in the field of customs clearance, shipping, import and export for others.


Customs clearance

  • We compete in order to be a leading company in logistics services.

  • Our main activity is customs clearance (Import - export - transit - general merchandise - chemicals - textiles - cars - motorcycles - heavy transport - loaders, tractors, telescopes - food - personal belongings......).

Air, sea and land freight and transportation

  • We do the counting and inventory of quantities and preparation during the unloading and loading operations in the ports and warehouses and the issuance of internationally approved inspection reports.

  • In addition to providing land, sea and air freight services to and from all countries of the world through GLS.

Insurance, inspection and quality control

  • We insure the goods inside and outside the customs departments.

Import and export for third parties with legal contracts

  • Import and export to and from all countries of the world in our account.

  • We are also distinguished in import and export operations for third parties with documented contracts, in addition to banking transactions.

Why WNW Egypt for Trading, Import, Export and Customs Clearance?

  • We provide the best third parties shipping, customs clearance, import and export services.

  • Ease and speed customs clearance procedures.

  • Best shipping and customs clearance rates.

  • Safety procedures for the safety of goods.

  • A trained and professional working team.

  • Shipping and customs clearance through our company.

We provide shipping and customs clearance services through our company to all countries of the world:

  • Shipping, customs clearance, import and export services.

  • We have specialists in all fields of shipping, customs clearance, international trade, import and export from all global markets.

  • We have representatives at all customs ports that have the necessary experience and competence that enable them to work to finish all procedures for our customers accurately, safely, professionally and on time in all the Republic ports. (12).png
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