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WNW Egypt for Trading

For import, export and customs clearance


Customs Clearance
Import and export for third parties with legal contracts

Customs clearance:

  • We compete in logistics services; we are always at the forefront.

  • Our main activity is customs clearance (import - export - transit - general merchandise - chemicals - textiles - cars - motorcycles - heavy transport - loaders, tractors, telescopes - food - personal belongings......).

  • Carrying out other tasks inside and outside the customs departments, such as the work of the regulatory authorities (exports and imports - food safety - agricultural quarantine - veterinary quarantine - stamps and scales - public security, the communications regulator and other regulatory and security agencies).

  • This is in all ports and airports of the Republic, where we provide all customs solutions and consultations through a specialized team with professional expertise, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of customs clearance.

Customs clearance

Import and export for third parties with legal contracts:

  • Import and export to and from all countries of the world in our account.

  • We are also distinguished in import and export operations for third parties with documented contracts, in addition to banking transactions

  • Many import and export operations were carried out for third parties in various activities.

  • Proposals have been set to improve the import process in line with good clearing procedures of importing and exporting companies.

  • We compete for punctuality and commitment, in addition to professional service at competitive prices. We have a company profile with clients at the forefront of the Egyptian economy, we provided them with a distinguished services in order to achieve the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Import and Export

Air, sea and land freight and transportation:

  • We provide all shipping and transportation services in cooperation with the GLS freight agency, which is characterized by competitive prices in the field of international freight

  • In addition to providing land, sea and air freight services to and from all countries of the world through GLS freight agency.

  • Who enjoys a good reputation, dealing and treatment in addition to competitive prices in the field of international shipping, and it is considered one of the largest shipping companies in Egypt, where GLS has all the ingredients that made it one of the leading companies in this field and with the lowest prices.

  • In addition to the customs deposit of the agency, which gives the customer lower prices in storage.

  • Transportation - door to door delivery - sea freight - land freight - air freight.

  • We have all means of light and heavy transportation to and from all ports of the Republic at competitive prices.

Air, sea and land freight

Insurance, inspection and quality control:

  • We insure the goods inside and outside the customs yards.

  • We do the counting and inventory of quantities and preparation during the unloading and loading operations in the ports and warehouses and the issuance of internationally approved inspection reports.

  • Insuring the goods on the roads, in the customs yards, and in the exchange stages.

  • Monitoring refrigerated containers temperatures in the customs yards and on the roads.

  • Presence in warehouses to deliver storage officials the quantities and to make sure of its quality.

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