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WNW Egypt for Trading

For import, export and customs clearance


Customs Clearance
Import and export for third parties with legal contracts

WNW Egypt was established in 2001 and we have more than twenty years of experience in the field of customs clearance, shipping, import and export for third parties:

  • We excel and compete in logistic services such as customs clearance (import - export - transit) in addition to shipping and transportation (air, sea and land freight) in cooperation with GLS agency as well as imports and exports works for third party from and to countries of the world.

  • We compete in punctuality and commitment with distinguished professional service and competitive prices. We also provide all consultations services to increase our customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Import and export to and from all countries of the world in our account.

  • Import and export for third parties through documented contracts, in addition to feasibility study for the local and international market if the client request that.

  • Shipping and transportation (air, sea and land freight) in cooperation with GLS the freight agency.

  • The GLS agency is characterized by competitive prices in the field of international freight, unloading bills, and customs tariff for customs deposit.

  • Our warehouse for LCL shipments is characterized by fast procedures, low cost to customers, and shipment support using successful relationships and communications with all shipping agencies and service providers, so we are ready to receive your goods anytime, anywhere and under any condition.

  • They have a team of experts ready to deal in everything you need in the field of import / export shipments, distinguished from other freight agencies by security, efficiency and optimum cost.


Our value

  • It comes from our previous experiences of more than 20 years of work and as a result of customer satisfaction and continuity.

  • Responding to customer reviews, advice, understanding, excellence, and simplicity

  • Our policy is that the client and the office are partners.

  • The customer's gain is a gain for us, and the customer's loss is a huge loss for us.

  • Our Relationship: We maintain high value dealings with our sources and service providers to support us in providing unique services.

  • Finally, we have all means of light and heavy transportation to and from all ports of the Republic at competitive prices.


our mission

  • Consolidating the concept and meaning of mutual trust between the client and our office

  • It allows quick procedures and quick solution to solve problems occur during work.

  • These reducing costs for the customer, and leads to successful business relationships.


our vision

  • Reducing time and costs for the customer and maintaining a continuity of dealing.

  • We compete for punctuality in addition to professional service at competitive prices

  • We have an honorable company profile with clients at the forefront of the Egyptian economy, we have provided and are still providing them with distinguished services and to achieve the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. (12).png
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